Odocoileus hemionus (Rafinesque, 1817). Photo by John Krampl via [https://www.gbif.org/occurrence/4011988341]

How to publish data

Introduction to biodiversity data publication

Data publication is the process of making biodiversity information available online, and is the core mission of Canadensys.

To publish data on Canadensys and GBIF, several crucial steps are recommended. Data cleaning, standardization and georeferencing are needed to make data compatible with international databases. Although not mandatory, imaging of labels or specimens is also often part of the data publication process. More detailed information and best practices for all these steps are provided on the Resources page of this portal.

Once the data have been cleaned, standardized and georeferenced, they are ready for publication. The process for publishing data on the Canadensys repository is explained in our 7-step guide to data publication.