Bombus melanopygus Nylander, 1848. Photo by Jandrewnydam via iNaturalist

Data repository

Integrated Publishing Toolkit

This IPT publishes data from any institution or collection in Canada, regardless of scope or institution

What’s an IPT?

The GBIF Integrated Publishing Toolkit – or IPT for short – is a free and open source web application for publishing biodiversity data. Developed by the Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF) with the help of the biodiversity informatics community, including Canadensys, it has become the recommended way to publish biodiversity data.

The Canadensys repository is a customized IPT that we use to publish and register all our datasets, including primary occurrence data (such as specimens), taxonomic checklists, general resource metadata, and sampling-event data. If you are interested in using this IPT for your own publication needs, see our publication guide for more details. The User Manual developped by GBIF is also an excellent source of information.

Other IPTs in Canada

Several institutions in Canada have deployed an IPT, allowing Canadian publishers to make their data available